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Desginer Sarees For Wedding

Designer sarees for wedding – Best and Latest Designer Sarees for wedding. All types of material’s available on this site. There are many ways to wear a saree which depends on geographical location and traditional values ​​and interests. Kanjeevaram sarees, Banarasi sarees, Patola sarees and Hakoba are the main ones in different style sarees. Chanderi, Maheshwari, Madhubani printing of Madhya Pradesh, Coral Rasham of Assam, Bomkai of Orissa, Bandhej of Rajasthan, Gathoda of Gujarat, Patola, Tasar of Bihar, Katha, Chhattisgarhi Kosa Rasham, Rushmi Sarees of Delhi, Jharkhand Kosa Rasham, Maharashtra Paithani, Kanjeevaram, Banarasi saris of Tamil Nadu, Tanchi, Jamdani, Jamwar in Uttar Pradesh and Baluchari and Kantha Tangail of West Bengal are famous sarees.

Designer sarees for wedding – The sari is now ultra-modern. Kanjeevaram has joined Chiffon. A new form of sari has come before us by mixing Indian with Western. Many special experiments are now being done with the sari to make it popular again. Traditional things are slowly disappearing from our lives. Sari is also one of them. Due to lack of time, lack of convenience, and how many such excuses are known, sarees have gradually become a mere garment worn for young Indian women on any special occasion.

Designer sarees for wedding – Maybe this is the reason To make the saree popular again and to add life to this beautiful dress Various types of campaigns have started. To make the saree popular, there are many uses in the matter of fabric, from the way it is worn. There are more than 80 ways of wearing sarees worldwide. Designer sarees for wedding Renowned fashion designer Shaina NC believes that she can tie a sari in 54 ways herself. In the fashion world, new experiments are being done almost daily about sarees. These uses give a modern touch to the sari wearer with a traditional look.

Designer sarees for wedding – Traditional handmade sarees are always preferred for their rich look. Be it Kanjeevaram or Banarasi, these saris made after several days of hard work are being given a new touch in this ultramodern era of fashion. Fashion designer Shalini Ahuja, a member of the Fashion Design Council of India, who has been a part of several international fashion events, says, “Handmade sarees are currently being blended with materials like chiffon and net.